Alyne Pustanio is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the fields of paranormal research, the supernatural, and occult research.  She is considered an expert in the folklore and haunted history of her hometown of New Orleans.  Alyne is a descendant of the famous Louis Moreau Gottschalk, American classical composer.  Many of Alyne's ancestors were present in some of the most famous (and infamous) events in New Orleans history.  She has first-hand accounts passed down directly to her of such legends as "The Capture of Bras Coupe", "The Zombie King", the LaLaurie Mansion events, and countless others, all of which flavor every one of Alyne's haunting tales.
Alyne has been featured on SyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters", and in the History Channel's "Haunted History".  She has appeared as a paranormal consultant on numerous other features airing on such channels as the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Destination America Channel, BIO, and the Golf Channel.  Alyne Pustanio features regularly as a guest on multiple radio shows, and is the host of her own online show "Supernatural Substation" on UPRN.